We’ve been spoiled.  Wisconsin normally would have been testing our Midwestern sturdiness by now right?  Well enjoy it, eventually winter will strike and those not prepared will be scrambling to just accomplish the basics, like getting to work.  Every year after the first snow or below zero weather Dunn’s is swamped with customer’s playing catch-up for putting off winter prep.  We don’t blame you, it’s Wisconsin, take advantage of nice weather. However now is the time to get ready. Here are some basics:

Tires, tires, tires!   Stop in and have us check your tires.  Tread depth and type will dictate how well your car will go when the white fluffy stuff is falling.  We will tell you what you have and give you our best opinion on your current tire situation.

Battery condition.  Your car is useless if it’s not starting.  How old is your battery?  How many times have you had to jump your car?  If you battery is over five years old it’s time to have it tested.  When Dunn’s completes a basic vehicle service we always test the battery. Modern cars are very sensitive to battery voltage.

Wipers.  Who knew seeing clearly would be crucial.  A good set of Bosch Icon Blades (the best) makes all the difference.

Fill up your tank.  Having more then a 1/4 tank of gas at all times is good for your car and safe for your family.

Be prepared. Throw a bag in the trunk with the basics you’ll need for getting home when the going gets tough.  Clothes, food, lights and a shovel is a good start.

Have fun and be safe!


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